Episode 61: Naomi Crellin

Come join us as we vicariously stroll through an organic food market in Sydney and chat with Naomi Crellin- we have to remember how the world once was somehow! Naomi is a Jazz Singer and vocalist in the Idea of North, an Internationally recognised A Capella Group; we talk to her about her creative process, the gift of having live-in Au Pairs and the challenges of the pandemic for her music, her business and creativity. Peach and the Colonel explore the impact of hormonal change on our sense of identity and the notion that we really can never be anything but authentic…join us!

The Idea of North



The importance of clear messaging and advertising jingles

The Psychology Behind The Power of Catchy Commercial Jingles

Podcasts we mentioned



Arts funding details




Want to know more about Stage 4 restrictions in Victoria



The Third Act

Caitlin Moran, swapping roles with Nigella Lawson here, describes something we should all know about. It's from her…

Posted by Tom Morley on Sunday, 12 July 2020


Fleabag Menopause Scene:


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