Podcast 5: Michael Waugh

We covered some serious ground today with singer/songwriter Michael Waugh: http://www.michaelwaugh.com.au/ who has just launched a new album, “What we Might Be” and won a country music award for his song “My Dad’s Shoes”, listen to it on you tube: https://youtu.be/XaV26tAp0uI.

In our podcast today we returned to some of the ways artists help us navigate our worlds and interpret our experiences, and we mourned the death of the village Bard, of course and touched on Ira Glass’ ideas around creative output- check out the imbedded video below!

The Colonel wondered out loud about offensive language and we ended up in some fairly complex territory, chatting about the language of oppression and our own privileged position in society: https://www.washington.edu/research/showcase/1983a.html

But as it so often does, it all came back to Dolly Parton and we’d love to know about any cover songs you’ve listened to that you think top the original version- share it with us on Facebook.

A video to imbed please:



Author: peachie

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