Episode 84: Peach and The Colonel

After a longer than expected hiatus, we guess we call this episode the launch of Season 3, where Peach & The Colonel find themselves more confounded by the world around them than ever- short of time, patience but never short of prattle- come listen to us rabbit on about the over-correction to the right, the capacity for us to ignore the pandemic and whether or not you need to be an expert or have lived experience to be an effective critic…also, back to the old chestnut- do you take the red pill or the blue pill? It turns out, the Colonel prefers to take both… and see how it plays out. ?

Critics and race article discussed on this episode:


Acting and physical intimacy


“How to do the work” book the Peach refers to:


More information on Holistic Psychology

Stutz film- Netflix- explore the key steps of therapy


Mental Health and Young People

Trump’s Big Lie



Author: chrisblain

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