Podcast 2: Mr Numbers

What a pleasure it was to have Mr Numbers with us to explain some of the strange ways that company tax and money matters work! The Colonel and I find ourselves confounded by money – mostly because we don’t have much – and it’s always good to have these things revealed to us by someone in the know! In particular, we covered capital gains, super and company tax policies which often seem to leave our Government with less revenue than is our due.

We also got on to pre-paid funerals, and as I mentioned in the episode, consider what your package really provides before signing up! Death and Taxes- we covered the big certainties in life in this episode! If you want to tell us your top tips for a successful shower / morning routine check out our Facebook Page and let us know if you shave with something other than conditioner (?!) and your thoughts on shower gel vs. soap – we like to consider the big and small questions on our podcast- yes we do!

If you want to know more about the Government’s current approach to tax reform, this summary from Fairfax about the Turnbull Government approach in Feb may help:


Here’s some links to the ATO about the topics we touched on with Mr Money if you want to know more:



And you may also want to check out the ever-helpful Wikipedia for a summary about what tax policy is and why it matters:


And some great options to improve your financial literacy are also listed here, for those of you who want to be more money savvy than Peach and The Colonel:


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