Podcast 1: The Show About Nothing


So, we are doing a show about nothing but mostly what it’s about is the stuff of everyday life, the little things that we stumble upon that seem interesting or funny- and you can decide whether or not salsa (or in our case cheese!) is enough grounds for a show!

Inspiration is funny – the way it more often than not can pass without action. Or at least that’s true for me! We were lucky that inspiration and circumstance came together and we can now produce Peach and The Colonel as a podcast.

We were inspired by this format because it is one of the only ways that we could capture our chats in an uncensored and raw way. So, as you will hear in episode one there’s plenty of umms and ahhs and stuff we probably should edit out- but that’s kind of the point- we wanted you to feel like you are in the studio with us, and keep it as informal and authentic as possible.

Boy did we cover a lot in our first episode- opening with “What’s your favourite fruit and why?” We’d love you to contribute to our Facebook page and respond to some of our key questions from the episode.

We also talked a bit about activities we do with friends that are alcohol free and some of you may like to check out http://www.escaperoom.com.au/ which Peach mentioned. It’s a great experience to share with your friends.

The Colonel also mentioned Ultimate Frisbee and some of you may like to check out this meetup group: http://www.meetup.com/The-Melbourne-Ultimate-Frisbee-Group-Fun/.

And we discussed the deliciously awkward “Luke Warm Sex”. Check it out FREE on iView here:

We hope you enjoy the show….

And of course for those of you who want a bit more Seinfeld love check out these quotes:


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