Episode 64: Richard “The Robot” Steighner

Today we talk with Richard Steighner about his work as a ‘human beatbox’ and the things that motivate him, American Exceptionalism and the joys of hard lockdown in Melbourne. Nothing’s lonelier than a 1 person a cappella group, so please check on Richard Steighner who is building a following harmonizing and beatboxing with himself. Clever songs about Student Loans or the Lost-Love of Climate Change are made with only his voice. It’s part of a project to write, record, produce, film, and release a song every week. Richard’s solitary journey builds on his years of touring with a cappella bands The Exchange and Freedom’s Boombox. He’s a cultural ambassador with the US, and travels to teach vocal music and help other musicians build their careers. A cappella is the most human (and cheapest) way to make music, so it’s a natural fit for the accomplished beatboxer and Scorpio (Richard is both human and cheap). Join us…

For more about Richard and his work check out:


For the song that inspired Richard’s musical dream of performing to his family:

The Exchange

Brooke Livingston collaboration

American Exceptionalism

Colin Kaepernick


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