Episode 16: Peach and the Colonel

Peach and the Colonel talk everything from road rage to cramp cures, everyday jealousy and whether or not listening skills can be classified as a superpower…

We don’t have a guest as such, but we do have a mystery visitor drop by to talk some nonsense with us… more literally than usual!

And, in light of the recent reports from the Northern Territory, we also try to unpack what the role of prison, especially for juveniles in our society should be- are rehabilitation and punishment mutually exclusive?

Yep, it’s a pretty wide ranging chat- the kind we seem to do best! Get on board and give us your ideas about how we can challenge the Colonel through our FACEBOOK page, tell us the things about marriage that you think are the most confronting and if you have any good tips for how we might drive with less stress on the road let us know!

Here are some links:
Straight No Chaser’s (mashup free) “Fix You”:

NT’s Juvenile “Torture”:

Rehabilitation vs Punishment:

The Art of Listening:

New cramps research:

“Proper” Popcorn Salt (like the movies):



Author: chrisblain

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