Episode 56: Peach and The Colonel

In this episode we talk arse cleaning, identity and tidying up while the Arctic burns. Faced with so many catastrophes and so much doom, overwhelmed by a sense of powerlessness so severe we question survival, democracy and structural racism …the system is broken but the will to fix it seems lost in the increasingly polarized political context we find ourselves in…so we are watching gardening reality tv shows and breathing deeply- while we can. Join us, even Peach’s cat chimes in on this one!

The Platform film

The Big Flower Fight

Sammy J- Victoria You are Benched


And now the Arctic is burning!


The Quarterly Essay Judith Brett


University Funding changes


Marg went to uni in the 1970s, Bella is set to study in the 2020s. Compare the pair.

Posted by The Feed SBS on Thursday, 25 June 2020

Author: chrisblain

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