Episode 83: Peach and The Colonel

Fancy leaving a legacy? How are legacies even created? Maybe you’d prefer to cook a sweet potato or drink a Margherita- well today’s your bloody day! Come join us for a delightful wander through the linguistic confusion of the Escher sentence and other idiomatic stumbling blocks, all while dreaming of a time in the not too distant future when we will be mask-less. The joy of sitting in an audience again and feeling the rising tension of a well crafted plot…sigh. This really is the show about nothing. Enjoy!

Just in case you want to celebrate more food days…

Lemon Drop Martini


Classic Margherita


Creating a legacy

Death of a Salesman



Fun Home


Touching the Void


Turnip cake recipe

Escher sentences

At/ in a pinch- meaning


Author: chrisblain

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