Episode 30: Steve “Cheffie”

Our good buddy Steve dropped by to share some tales this week for our 30th episode! Woo!

Steve has quite an amazing story to tell about life, love, and how sometimes the toughest things in life bring about the greatest sense of purpose in us.

We chatted about the 1993 Guns and Roses concert at Calder Park in Melbourne. It’s some classic rock and roll history, worth a read:

We were chatting briefly about “Angel In America” by Tony Kushner – a 6 1/2 hour play that is definitely worth the butt sores:

Sitting or standing while wiping? We didn’t even realise this was in question. Apparently everyone does it differently:

Matt Killingsworth’s TED talk about the link between mindful presence and happiness:

A brief how-to guide for Astral Travel for those who are interested:

The Colonel dropped some history bombs about Cleopatra’s bee-filled wooden vibrators:

Stay safe everyone 🙂

Author: chrisblain

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