Episode 28: Roland and Loz

In this episode we cross many lines and leave them far behind- mainly coz our guests Loz and Roland are determined there should be no more ‘thoughtful pauses’ like we had in the last episode! So if you don’t want to hear about birth, poo and listen to people being generally pretty blue in their language you may want to listen to another, slightly less controversial episode!
We chat about everything from youth gangs, the darker moments of becoming a father to finding the right aged care for your loved ones…all while making mass generalizations about race, age and gender…it’s a wild ride! 
You can find out more about in-home care packages for your loved ones at:
So who is the Apex gang and do they really exist? 
How do we stop young people becoming offenders? An ‘upstream’ approach to youth engagement.



And if you are looking for support as a new parent/ Father in particular check out:


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Author: chrisblain

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