Episode 27 – Peach and The Colonel

Well we finally managed to get back on the podcasting horse ?? to talk about a whole bunch of stuff we’d considered before but in a new light after our break! In this episode we consider the way aesthetics inform a sense of cultural identity, why you shouldn’t push the button at the crossing if there’s someone already waiting and whether or not submission is an essential part of faith. Oh and Peach inadvertently demotes the Colonel to Corporal! Welcome to the Winter hibernation cave- it’s kinda gloomy here but come snuggle up regardless- we missed you! ☃️
Here’s some links from today’s episode…
We talked about the importance of social activism and the importance of protest in a democracy:
We’ve spoken about Alain de Botton’s work before but you can find out more about his books here:


In particular, we mentioned ‘The Course of Love’, ‘The Art of Travel’ and ‘The Architecture of Happiness’. 


On why we will marry the wrong person:


We discussed the ethics of eating meat and it’s impact on the environment:
More Peter Singer on altruism:

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