Christmas Special – Season 1

Ho ho ho…

The end of the year is upon us! Peach and the Colonel collide once more in 2016 to sum up the year, check in with reality, and explore our absurd universe in all its splendour.

The Colonel mentioned Wim Hof again:

He also mentioned his cryotherapy experience:

Some stats about Aussie marriages and divorces…

Peachie exalted her love of “trashy” reality TV as a switch off to life’s complicated textures… Meanwhile, The Colonel suggested some quality must-see series viewing:

Game Of Thrones: Worth the hype – some of the most amazing cinematography of our times, amongst other wonderful traits.

Better Call Saul: The follow-up prequel spinoff to Breaking Bad. Deliciously slow paced, beautifully shot and acted. Watch all of Breaking Bad first for maximum enjoyment!

House Of Cards: Devious political drama. Not always an easy watch, but so seamlessly acted and presented that it’s a delight to ride the often dark rollercoaster.

Westworld: Based on a Michael Crichton novel, Westworld is a engaging exploration into what makes us human. Where does artificial intelligence meet human consciousness? Woah…

Stranger Things: One of the big surprises of 2016. Stranger Things is the lovechild of Stand By Me, The Goonies and some other seriously twisted shit! There’s something wrong with you if you don’t like Stranger Things.

A merry christmas, seasons greetings and happy holidays to anyone who gets em! Take care on the roads, and don’t buy shitty gifts.

Peach and the Colonel

Author: chrisblain

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