Peach and The Colonel have been friends for yonks and they thought it would be fun to share their musings and the thoughts / experiences of their guests with others in an informal, unedited format – you get to feel like you are in the studio with them, having a vino and considering the importance of art, cheese and the things they wish someone had taught them earlier!

The podcast is one of the last bastions of free, untainted media in the world – a raw and untouched picture of real life. Peach and the Colonel celebrate their right to be, at times, sloppy, untrained, naive and inconsistent, in amongst the torrential streams of coherence, clarity and brilliance that flow between them and their guests.

If there’s anything you’d desperately like them to discuss, or if perhaps you consider your company to be of an excellent standard and would like to share it with their listeners, please get in touch. Chances are they’d love to have you on board for a glass of wine, and some chatter of varying importance.


Genius artwork by Bruce, Dane and Bruce respectively.